House Affordability Calculator

House affordability calculators are easy tools that you can use to calculate how much house you can afford.

House Affordability Calculator

Visit our House Affordability Calculator main page to calculate how much house you can afford.

A house affordability calculator will take certain inputs such as what your annual income is and what your monthly expenses are. A certain percentage of your income will be calculated as going towards a mortgage payment. If you have a larger down payment, then your house affordability will go up directly proportional to your down payment. The other variables inputted into a house affordability calculator are the mortgage rate and the length of the mortgage - how many years you will have to pay off the loan. A longer mortgage will be less expensive month to month but you will end up paying more interest overall.

When calculating how much house you can afford, there is really no set value that can be determined with a simple web tool. For example, someone could be making a nice income and then suddenly be completely jobless and broke in just a few months. These issues are difficult to predict, that is why this house affordability calculator should only be used as a rough estimate on typical values on how much house someone can afford. Though our calculator is quite standard in the mortgage calculator field, there are many people who will want to put more of their monthly income towards a house than we suggest. There are also those who may wish to put less and leave much more below their means. The choice is ultimately up to the person buying the house, our house affordability calculator can only give a ballpark estimate.

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